Marketing Mix Modeling

Blog-7-chart-02-and-now-even-v02Optimize your Marketing Mix!

The old complaint that, “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t
know which half” no longer has to be true.

Through marketing mix modeling, we determine where and how much the retailers should spend
in their marketing resources. Together With deep domain knowledge and deploying econometric models, we evaluate performance of your marketing mix. Our optimization techniques are flexible and are specific to the business challenge; hence it maximize sales and produces highest return for your marketing investments.

Key Outcomes:

 Measuring Effectiveness – Determines which media vehicles are most effective at driving
sales, profits, share and consumer segments

 Understanding sensitivity – Understanding whether the macroeconomic, demographic,
competitive, seasonal, weather and operational factors impact sales/shares

 Return on Investment – ROI for each advertising and promotional campaign,
including halo effects and cannibalization on related brands

 Recommendations – To continue or discontinue a marketing vehicle and where to reallocate marketing budget


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