Tableau for iPad: Project Elastic, Vizable and the unmet need for an equivalent of Tableau Reader app for iPad

^94CC986F1AB58484387E60ECE71B490D88170B70C1E1680390^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrTableau Software (NYSE: DATA) helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information and boasts of helping more than 35,000 customers obtain visual intelligence in the office and on-the-go.

Portability, scalability, ease of development and cloud based hosting are a few of the major concerns that fast paced organizations have to deal with while buying BI tools. Although iPad is the most popular portable device in the business industry, not much has been offered in this segment by major BI platforms.

In October 2015, Tableau released the app ‘Vizable‘ for iPad (earlier codenamed ‘Project Elastic’ during R&D phase). Vizable aids in understanding data patterns and their relationships. It is a fast paced powerful tool which shows trends and graphs, converting data into information.

Having said that, there are many basic features yet to be added to Vizable.

  • At present, Vizable has no option available for developing any module, restraining itself to only playing around with filters, adding columns, sorting, etc.
  • Considering the visual components available, bar chart for data in categories and a line chart for data by time are the only options Vizable currently provides.
  • Data files can only be opened if they are stored on the iCloud.In the same segment, Tableau has also introduced a new app named Tableau Mobile to stay in touch with data whether you are offline or online using the live Tableau Server or Tableau Online connections. This app too, has its drawbacks at a certain level. The best use of Tableau Mobile can be seen only if we are connected to the server. However, when offline, Tableau Mobile provides only snapshots view of the dashboards.

QlikView and Spotfire are the two other bigwigs in the visual analytics industry which have their own apps competing with Tableau Mobile and Tableau Vizable. The following chart provides a brief comparison amongst the three.

Cost Free Free Free
Rating Low Low High
App Size Light (7.5 MB) Light (5.3 MB) Heavy (70.9 MB)
UI Complex Simple Very Simple
Offline Usability Yes No Yes

In this segment, there is no sole winner yet as each of the above has their pros and cons. However, as far as the statistics are concerned, Tableau is leading the industry with an annual growth rate of 114% and operating in more than 150 countries. In spite of this, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the need of a portable solution.

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