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Rudder Analytics ranked highly in Top Indian IT Services

Rudder Analytics ranked highly in Top Indian IT Services

In this age of data, all business decisions are backed by analyzing data scientifically and Rudder Analytics has been helping businesses in all aspects of analytics.

It has been one and a half year since we started operations and we have already received rave reviews for our quality services. Rudder Analytics was recently ranked highly in the press release of IT Services review by

Clutch, an independent ratings and reviews site based in Washington, D.C. that covers top companies in IT services, awarded us at Rudder Analytics earlier this month a distinction as being one of the top companies in its research and thus a place in its India IT Services Leaders Matrix.

Our focus on niche categories of IT services from our basket of visual analytics with Tableau, Qliksense, Power BI etc., data analytics and statistical modeling services, along with strong praise from past clients earned us the compliment. For example, consider the all 5-star rating from one of our clients and their report that: “Rudder Analytics was able to provide that extra kick.”

We are really pleased to receive any feedback from our clients but especially happy to see a very satisfied customer – it means we have done our job and done it well. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the review process. Please take a minute to see our Rudder Analytics coverage in full.

5 Features Klipfolio Must Have

5 Features Klipfolio Must Have

5 Features Klipfolio Must Have

Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform and is widely used for building real-time business dashboards. The company was founded by Peter Matthews (present CXO) and Allan Wille (present CEO) in 2001 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The company has focused on creating an operational browser based dashboarding product with ease in usability for non-technical users.

With its rich dashboard features and data integration capability with various data services, it is arguably one of the best cloud based platform in its price range. Some of the key dashboard development features are user role management, custom CSS, data refresh scheduling, user annotations and powerful data manipulation capability. The other competitors are Cyfe, Geckoboard, Ducksboard etc but Klipfolio is still winning over them in most of the product features.

Despite of being a fan of this platform, today I am going to succinctly pin-point 5 features Klipfolio must include in near future.

  • Multiple Select Input Control

The input control component klip (term given by Klipfolio to its widgets) currently allows users to select from 3 input options – Dropdown Selection, Text Input and Date Picker. All these controls are typically used for filtering the data in klips. The dropdown selector let you select only single item to filter the data which sometimes limit user’s view.

  • Scaling Map Visualization

Map visualization is an interesting feature of Klipfolio. However, this feature is limited for selected geographies in world like USA, Europe, Germany etc. Adding more geography would certainly make this feature more useful.

  • Better Data Handling

Klipfolio can only handle data up to 10MB size. Once the data source size increases, the dashboard load times starts getting affected.

  • Drill Down Capability

Klipfolio has minimalistic drill down capability. With the current architecture, it is unlikely to see major improvements in near future.

  • Calculated Data Fields

Data manipulation can currently be done only by using functions inside a klip. These functions are great and can take care of almost all the data manipulation requirements but at the same time affects the performance. Having an option to add calculated fields would not only help in easing the calculations but will also improve the dashboard load time.


With all said, Klipfolio is still a great platform for SMEs and the product development team is well aware of all its shortcomings!

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